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Moray House School of Education Public Lecture

Rethinking Education: Equity Concerns in Today’s Global Learning Landscape | 5 May 2017

Background: 'Rethinking Education: Towards a global common good?' (UNESCO, 2015) was published at a particular historical juncture when the international education and development community moved towards the global framework of Sustainable Development Goals. The presentation will briefly recount the publication’s main postulates and will expand on its conclusions, raising some fundamental questions regarding inequalities in education and the challenges entailed in achieving the intention of leaving no one behind.

Speaker: Dr Carlos Vargas-Tamez, Senior Project Officer, Partnerships Cooperation and Research, UNESCO

Date & Time: Friday 5 May 2017, 5.00pm - 6.30pm

Paterson’s Land Lecture Hall LG34

Further information / RSVP booking is essential via Eventbrite

 Live streaming of this event on Moray House YouTube Channel

Safe Inclusive Schools Network (SISN) Seminar 

Understanding the Nature of Nurture: Influences of Family Relationship on Youth Mental Health | 9 May 2017

Seminar hosted by Dr Gillean McCluskey, Professor Lani Florian and Dr Debi Fry

Speaker:  Professor Gordon Harold, University of Sussex

Date & Time:  Tuesday 9 May 2017, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Abstract:  Mental Health problems among youth constitute an area of significant social, educational, clinical, policy and public health concern. Understanding processes and mechanisms that underlie the development of mental health problems during childhood and adolescence requires theoretical and methodological integration across multiple scientific domains, including developmental science, neuroscience, genetics, education and prevention science. The primary focus of this presentation is to examine the relative role of genetic and family environmental influences on children’s emotional and behavioural development. Specifically, a complementary array of genetically sensitive and longitudinal research designs will be employed to examine the role of early environmental adversity (e.g. inter-parental conflict, harsh parenting practices) relative to inherited factors in accounting for individual differences in children’s symptoms of psychopathology (depression, aggression, ADHD). Examples of recent applications of this research to the development of evidence-based intervention programmes aimed at reducing psychopathology in the context of high-risk family settings will also be presented.

RSVP:  Please RSVP by emailing Tabitha Casey:

Old Moray House, Balcony Room

More about SISN’s work

The Global Impact of Sport

Summer School | The Global Impact of Sport

Join us in the summer of 2017 to explore the relationship between sport, heritage, and culture around the world with The Global Impact of Sport, a new Academy of Sport short course from the University of Edinburgh Summer School and Moray House School of Education.

Focussing on two themes – Sport, Heritage, and Scottish Culture and Sport and Global Affairs – you will discover how sport has developed as a  cost effective social tool involved in addressing many of the world’s social and humanitarian issues.

Note: There is 50% discount for current University of Edinburgh students on the following courses: 

  • The Global Impact of Sport
  • Learning Across the Curriculum: On Foot through Edinburgh
  • New Directions in Second Language Teaching

Further information on 'The Global Impact of Sport' website

Inaugural Lecture 

Inaugural Lecture: Professor Cristina Iannelli, 'Degrees of Success: Widening Access to Higher Education & Social Mobility' | 26 April 2017

Date & Time: Wednesday 26 April 2017, 5.30pm

This is a public lecture and all who book in advance via Eventbrite are welcome to attend.

50 George Square, G.03

Further infromation / RSVP booking is essential via Eventbrite

Are you feeling innovative?

Are you feeling innovative

Donor-funded small project grants of up to £5000 available to students and staff to support innovations in teaching, research and student life

Two windows of opportunity open at the University for six weeks each year to support creative ideas that need a financial kick start. Students and staff are invited to present innovative project ideas or activities during spring and autumn to compete for a share of around £150,000.

100% funded through donations to the Edinburgh Fund, Innovation Initiative grants are an opportunity for graduates and friends of the University to invest in its future and support new thinking in research, teaching and student life.


Dr James MacAllister's book launch

PERG Seminar / Book Launch: Reclaiming Discipline for Education: Knowledge, relationships and the birth of community | 26 January 2017

All students and staff are invited to attend this free seminar/book launch

Abstract: The seminar will revisit some neglected philosophical ideas about discipline in education. I firstly intend to trace the evolution and development of rules and norms based thinking about discipline in education from Kant through to Durkheim, Foucault. Here I suggest that rules based thinking about discipline in eduction continues to dominate much contemporary school discipline policy and practice.  I will thereafter examine Dewey and Macmurray’s rather more democratic ideas about discipline in education. I will conclude by indicating how I think discipline might serves the ends of education as opposed to socialisation. 

Speaker: Dr James MacAllister

Date/Time: Thursday 26 January 2017, 4.30pm - 6pm

Charteris Land - Room 3.04

Further information: Email Aline Nardo 

Dr Andrew Murray wins Downing Street award

Dr Andrew Murray, from our University’s Physical Activity for Health Research Centre here at Moray House School of Education, has been announced the winner of the Points of Light award.  

Dr Murray has raised more than £170,000 for charities that include the Yamaa Trust, the African Palliative Care Association UK and the Scottish Association for Mental Health. He received his award on St Andrew’s Day, 30 November.

Your remarkable running challenges are raising funds for three important charities, but also inspiring countless people to become more active and improve their health.

Prime Minister Theresa May 

Graduations / Open Days

Photo of Moray House students on Graduation Day

Graduation is a momentous occasion for every student. We have Winter and Summer Graduation Days.

Details for our next Graduation Day

Open Days are an opportunity for you to come and see the University and out about student life in Edinburgh from those that know it best, our students and staff.


PhD studentships/scholarships

PhD scholarships and studentships in Education.


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We already have some research news and details about research seminars / conferences on this page, but you can find more research news and details about many more seminars through the following links.


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We run a wide range of professional development courses.