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Details of research seminars and conferences held by our Institute for Education, Teaching & Leadership (IETL).


Upcoming IETL events 

Workshops and Distinguished Lecture | Meeting complex challenges: Multilingual teaching, Teacher reflection | 30 March 2017

Speakers: Professor Claire Kramsch (University of California, Berkeley), Dr Steve Mann (University of Warwick), Professor Steve Walsh (Newcastle University)

Date: Thursday 30 March 2017

Registration:  9.15am in Charteris Land (Room 5.11)

Workshop 1: Reflective Tools for Teacher Development, 9.30am -1pm in Charteris Land (Room 5.11)  

Workshop 2: Multilingual practices in the foreign language classroom, 2pm-4pm in Charteris Land (Room 4.18)

Distinguished Lecture: The language teacher as multilingual instructor, 5pm - 6.30pm in the Godfrey Thomson Hall

Book in advance: Attendance is FREE but places must be booked in advance via: or call 0131 651 6046

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ETAL Spring Seminar Series | Next seminar:  Challenging the monolingual habitus in the French preschool through the legitimisation of home languages as essential cognitive tools  | 5 April 2017

Challenging the monolingual habitus in the French preschool through the legitimisation of home languages as essential cognitive tools

Date/Time:  Wednesday 5 April 2017, 5pm - 6.30pm

Speaker:  Dr Andrea Young, Strasbourg

Abstract: It is still the tendency in France to exclude home languages from the classroom and to implicitly or explicitly forbid children to speak them through a variety of practiced policies (Young, 2014). The vulnerability of the very young emergent bilingual child, entering a formal education setting for the first time and the power of the teacher’s image of the child and resulting practiced language policies warrant further investigation. In this talk, data (primarily video recordings and interview extracts) from a longitudinal study (September 2014 to June 2015) of one teacher in her French pre-primary class of 19, mainly plurilingual children (aged 3-4 years old) will be presented. After analysing how the monolingual teacher facilitated the multilingual children’s transition from home to school, the question of why she decided to legitimise their languages in the classroom will be discussed.

Bio: Andrea Young has worked as a lecturer/researcher in language education at the School of Education (ESPE), University of Strasbourg since 1998. Her research and teaching interests include teacher education for the support of second language acquisition, building educational partnerships between home and school, bi/plurilingual/literacy, teacher language awareness and intercultural education. She has been involved in a number of European projects in these areas, notably with the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz.

Godfrey Thomson Hall

ETAL Spring Seminar Series: This seminar series runs from January - April 2017. Each seminars will be:

  • 45 minute talks + 30 minutes discussion.
  • from 5 external and 2 internal guest speakers on topics related to language study, language learning and language teaching.
  • aimed at researchers and teaching staff with an interest in language, and MSc TESOL, MSc Language Teaching, MSc Applied Linguistics, PhD and EdD students.

Further details: Contact Joan or Bróna

ETAL's Spring Seminar Series: Timetable

Date/Time Venue Speaker Seminar title
Took place on 11 Jan Chris Layland, Newcastle The uses of objects in English team teacher lesson planning meetings
Took place on 25 Jan Nicola Galloway, Edinburgh Research to classroom practice: Global Englishes and ELT testbooks
Took place on 8 Feb Russell Stannard, Norwich Institute for Language Education Key technologies that impact on our teaching and learning
Took place on 22 Feb Florence Myles, Essex The younger the better? A comparison of 5, 7 and 11 year olds learning French in the classroom in the UK
Took place on 8 Mar Bernie O'Rourke, Heriot-Watt This is the UK so speak English! - linguistic intolerance,  anonymity and monolingual regimes​
Took place on 22 Mar Brona Murphy, Farah Akbar, Edinburgh British Converts to Islam: Constructing (New) identities
5 April, 5pm Godfrey Thomson Hall Andrea Young, Strasbourg

Challenging the monolingual habitus in the French preschool through the legitimisation of home languages as essential cognitive tools


Examples of recent past IETL events

Student-led Seminar: Philosophy as Method: On research in philosophy of education | 31 January 2017

All Postgraduate students and staff welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

Abstract: This seminar will focus on understanding how philosophy of education approaches inquiry and is a form of “research” even as it does not include empirical methods. I will use an example from my chapter,  “Listening and the educational relationship: philosophical research from a phenomenological perspective” (in: Philosophy and Theory in educational Research: Writing in the Margin. Routledge, 2016) to discuss philosophical research.

Speaker: Dr Andrea English, Chancellor's Fellow in Philosophy of Education

Date/Time: Tuesday 31 January,  4pm

Venue/Organiser: Charteris Land (Room 2.02), Moray House School of Education, Organised by: Sue Chapman, Research Student

PERG Seminar / Book Launch: Reclaiming Discipline for Education: Knowledge, relationships and the birth of community | 26 January 2017

All students and staff are invited to attend this free seminar/book launch

Abstract: The seminar will revisit some neglected philosophical ideas about discipline in education. I firstly intend to trace the evolution and development of rules and norms based thinking about discipline in education from Kant through to Durkheim, Foucault. Here I suggest that rules based thinking about discipline in eduction continues to dominate much contemporary school discipline policy and practice.  I will thereafter examine Dewey and Macmurray’s rather more democratic ideas about discipline in education. I will conclude by indicating how I think discipline might serves the ends of education as opposed to socialisation. 

Speaker: Dr James MacAllister

Date/Time: Thursday 26 January 2017, 4.30pm - 6pm

Venue: Charteris Land (Room 3.04), Moray House School of Education

Further information: Email Aline Nardo

RTEN Seminar: Developing the new Masters in ITE | 10 November 2016

Abstract: The Research-led Teacher Education Network (RTEN) here at Moray House was established to support us in developing our collaborative efforts in the area of teacher education, using research to inform our teacher education provision and using our professional expertise to develop a research agenda. The recent development of our new two-year Masters in ITE, now called the MSc in Transformative Learning and Teaching, is very much an example of that process. The development of the new programme has happened at break-neck speed, not allowing a lot of time for school-wide conversations about it, and so RTEN is hosting a seminar in order to share the development more widely with colleagues, and to provide an opportunity for us to talk about the implications for our research and teaching as we move forward. We look forward to welcoming as many colleagues as possible.

Seminatilte:    Speaker: Dr Aileen Kennedy, Programme Director MSc in Transformative Learning and Teaching

Date & Time:  Thursday 10 November 2016, 3pm - 4.30pm



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