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Public Lecture | Discourses of educational futures and the subjugated and disqualified knowledges of learning: The Lead My Learning Campaign | 26 June 2017

Speaker: Professor Valerie HarwoodProfessor of Sociology of Education, Australian Research Council Future Fellow

(Chair: Professor Lani Florian)

Background: What might critical practices for intervening in educational injustices be like if such practices also involved strategies that sought to modify, create and circulate discourses?  And what might it be like to respectfully collaborate to make recognisable subjugated and disqualified knowledges and at the same time, endeavour to challenge, beguile, and coerce dominant deficit discourses?  This paper discusses work from a four-year Australian Research Council Future Fellowship project that is working cross-culturally with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in places where people are experiencing significant educational disadvantages.  The project task was to conceive, develop, and put into action an innovative approach for promoting educational futures in early childhood in places marked by poverty and educational disadvantage. To do so we have drawn on and modified social marketing techniques, and at the same time, to borrow from Foucault, endeavoured to engage discourses productively.  To critically ‘figure out’ a way to promote educational futures, it wasn’t a matter of ‘telling people who experience disadvantage what to do’. Rather, it concerns and depends upon relationships and collaboration as well as understanding and appreciating the impacts of interactions with educational institutions. This paper will discuss how we have sought to intervene in educational injustices by challenging dominant discourses and how, through adapting social marketing techniques, we have devised a practice of strategic discourse production.

Biography: Valerie Harwood is a Professor of Sociology of Education  and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. Her research is centred on a social and cultural analysis of access and participation in educational futures. Her current research includes: Getting an Early Start to Education: Understanding how to promote educational futures in early childhood, partnership with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) and collaborations with Aboriginal community based projects including the Ngukurr News in South East Arnhem Land and Caring for Community in the Illawarra, NSW.

Date/Time: Monday 26 June 2017, 12 noon  - 1.30pm

Paterson's Land - 1.21

PERG Seminar | Do deaf students need deaf teachers? | 13 June 2017

Speaker: Lukas Wozniak, Special Education Teacher, Ernst-Adolf-Eschke School’s Centre for “Hearing and Communication"

Abstract: In the last two decades, a special teaching profession for deaf people has become progressively more established as a clear, self-evident need. Prior to that, for a long time, deaf people were not accepted by society at large, and were perceived as incapable of receiving a general education. The developments that arose from these conditions had profound detrimental effects on deaf people’s lives and educational opportunities. Today, we can speak of the present generation as the very first to have the genuine possibility for an inclusive liberal education open to them. This represents a major shift in how deaf people are viewed, and how their real needs are perceived. However, this major shift came relatively late to Germany– in comparison to countries like Sweden or America.  In this talk, I will discuss aspects of the historical background to deaf education in Germany. I will then address recent research on the role of deaf teachers in the education of deaf students, pointing to the fact that deaf teachers can be shown to be critical to the success of deaf students. In closing, I look to the future of deaf education in Germany, and discuss the important role that needs to be played by deaf teachers in inclusive mainstream schools with deaf children. Note on Accessibility: The talk will be given in International Sign Language and will be interpreted into English. 

Date/Time: Tuesday 13 June 2017, 6:30pm - 8pm

Venue: Paterson's Land - G21

Further information contact: Aline Nardo []

Sponsored by The Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain, Edinburgh Branch and The Philosophy of Education Research Group (PERG) and Edsign, Moray House. Branch Secretary: Andrea R English

SISN Seminar | Understanding the Nature of Nurture: Influences of Family Relationship on Youth Mental Health | 9 May 2017

Safe Inclusive Schools Network (SISN) seminar hosted by Dr Gillean McCluskey, Professor Lani Florian and Dr Debi Fry

Speaker:  Professor Gordon Harold, University of Sussex

Abstract:  Mental Health problems among youth constitute an area of significant social, educational, clinical, policy and public health concern. Understanding processes and mechanisms that underlie the development of mental health problems during childhood and adolescence requires theoretical and methodological integration across multiple scientific domains, including developmental science, neuroscience, genetics, education and prevention science. 

The primary focus of this presentation is to examine the relative role of genetic and family environmental influences on children’s emotional and behavioural development. Specifically, a complementary array of genetically sensitive and longitudinal research designs will be employed to examine the role of early environmental adversity (e.g. inter-parental conflict, harsh parenting practices) relative to inherited factors in accounting for individual differences in children’s symptoms of psychopathology (depression, aggression, ADHD). Examples of recent applications of this research to the development of evidence-based intervention programmes aimed at reducing psychopathology in the context of high-risk family settings will also be presented.

Date & Time:  Tuesday 9 May 2017, 11am - 12 noon

Venue: Old Moray House, Balcony Room

Further information: More about SISN’s work

SISN Seminar | Education and conflict research and some implications for preventing direct, structural and cultural violence  | 6 April 2107

Safe Inclusive Schools Network (SISN) seminar hosted by Dr Gillean McCluskey, Professor Lani Florian and Dr Debi Fry

Speaker: Dr Julia Paulson, University of Bristol

Date & Time: Thursday 6 April 2017, 11:30am - 12:30pm

Abstract: Since 1990 an enormous amount of work has been done to ensure that education is recognised as a key part of humanitarian work and of peacebuilding efforts after periods of violent conflict. While recognising that education can be a generator of conflict, this work largely concentrates on the ways in which education can contribute to peace and recovery from conflict at the individual and societal level. Interestingly, given the obvious relationship between conflict and violence, a consideration of violence, and its changing nature in humanitarian and 'post-conflict' contexts, is somewhat under-developed (though not entirely ignored) in this work. In this presentation, I give an overview of my research in two areas: 1) relationships between conflict, education and fragility; 2) teaching about recent conflict, in order to consider more explicitly the implications for understanding and preventing direct, structural and cultural violence in schools. The presentation also connects to larger themes and research areas around education and conflict, and hopes to open areas of mutual interest and further discussion with colleagues working in the Safe Inclusive Schools Network.

Venue: Paterson’s Land G43

Further information: More about SISN’s work

ETAL Spring Seminar Series 2017

About the series:

  • 45 minute talks + 30 minutes discussion.
  • 5 external and 3 internal guest speakers on topics related to language study, language learning and language teaching.
  • aimed at researchers and teaching staff with an interest in language, and MSc TESOL, MSc Language Teaching, MSc Applied Linguistics, PhD and EdD students.

Dates / Speakers / Seminar titles:

Further information: Contact Joan or Bróna

Workshops and Distinguished Lecture | Meeting complex challenges: Multilingual teaching, Teacher reflection | 30 March 2017

Speakers: Professor Claire Kramsch (University of California, Berkeley), Dr Steve Mann (University of Warwick), Professor Steve Walsh (Newcastle University)

Date: Thursday 30 March 2017

Registration:  9.15am in Charteris Land (Room 5.11)

Workshop 1: Reflective Tools for Teacher Development, 9.30am -1pm in Charteris Land (Room 5.11)  

Workshop 2: Multilingual practices in the foreign language classroom, 2pm-4pm in Charteris Land (Room 4.18)

Distinguished Lecture: The language teacher as multilingual instructor, 5pm - 6.30pm in the Godfrey Thomson Hall

Book in advance: Attendance is FREE but places must be booked in advance via: or call 0131 651 6046

Student-led Seminar: Philosophy as Method: On research in philosophy of education | 31 January 2017

All Postgraduate students and staff welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

Abstract: This seminar will focus on understanding how philosophy of education approaches inquiry and is a form of “research” even as it does not include empirical methods. I will use an example from my chapter,  “Listening and the educational relationship: philosophical research from a phenomenological perspective” (in: Philosophy and Theory in educational Research: Writing in the Margin. Routledge, 2016) to discuss philosophical research.

Speaker: Dr Andrea English, Chancellor's Fellow in Philosophy of Education

Date/Time: Tuesday 31 January,  4pm

Venue: Charteris Land (Room 2.02), Moray House School of Education

Organised by: Sue Chapman, Research Student

PERG Seminar / Book Launch: Reclaiming Discipline for Education: Knowledge, relationships and the birth of community | 26 January 2017

All students and staff are invited to attend this free seminar/book launch

Abstract: The seminar will revisit some neglected philosophical ideas about discipline in education. I firstly intend to trace the evolution and development of rules and norms based thinking about discipline in education from Kant through to Durkheim, Foucault. Here I suggest that rules based thinking about discipline in eduction continues to dominate much contemporary school discipline policy and practice.  I will thereafter examine Dewey and Macmurray’s rather more democratic ideas about discipline in education. I will conclude by indicating how I think discipline might serves the ends of education as opposed to socialisation. 

Speaker: Dr James MacAllister

Date/Time: Thursday 26 January 2017, 4.30pm - 6pm

Venue: Charteris Land (Room 3.04), Moray House School of Education

Further information: Email Aline Nardo

RTEN Seminar: Developing the new Masters in ITE | 10 November 2016

Abstract: The Research-led Teacher Education Network (RTEN) here at Moray House was established to support us in developing our collaborative efforts in the area of teacher education, using research to inform our teacher education provision and using our professional expertise to develop a research agenda. The recent development of our new two-year Masters in ITE, now called the MSc in Transformative Learning and Teaching, is very much an example of that process. The development of the new programme has happened at break-neck speed, not allowing a lot of time for school-wide conversations about it, and so RTEN is hosting a seminar in order to share the development more widely with colleagues, and to provide an opportunity for us to talk about the implications for our research and teaching as we move forward. We look forward to welcoming as many colleagues as possible.

Seminatilte:    Speaker: Dr Aileen Kennedy, Programme Director MSc in Transformative Learning and Teaching

Date & Time:  Thursday 10 November 2016, 3pm - 4.30pm


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