Graduate School of Education and Sport

Physical Education (3-14) (PgCert)

This Certificate programme has been introduced in response to the growing global interest in children’s physical education, physical activity, sport and well-being.

PE (3-14) programme introduction

Introduction to our 3-14 Physical Education (3-14) programme.

Programme structure

A brief description of our 3-14 PE programme and it's three courses.

Programme delivery

An overview of the 3-14 PE programme delivery.

Career benefits of this programme

The 3-14 PE programme's career benefits.

Entry requirements

Academic and English language entry requirements for admission to the Physical Education (3-14) programme.

Fees and funding

Information about the tuition fees for the 3-14 PE programme and the financial support available.

Apply now

Please ensure you have read the entry requirements for the 3-14 Physical Education programme and are confident of meeting the criteria before applying online.

Further information

Further information about the 3-14 Physical Education programme.