Moray House School of Education

Computer labs

Where to find our computer labs and details about conduct in labs and University computing regulations.

Open-access computer labs

Location Facilities
Thomson's Land, Room G.06, Holyrood PCs
Thomson's Land, Room 1.12, Holyrood PCs
Thomson's Land, Room 1.14, Holyrood Macs
St Leonard's Land, 2nd Floor, Holyrood PCs
Moray House Library, Holyrood (on Ground floor, 1st Floor and 2nd Floor) PCs

Conduct in labs

The code of conduct in the computer labs is as follows:

  • No food is to be consumed in any of the computer lab areas (including the library area).
  • No drinks are to be consumed in any of the computer lab areas (including the library area). Bottles of water must not be placed beside computer equipment.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used. If you wish to use your mobile phone please leave the computer lab area.
  • Noise must be kept to a minimum. Computer labs are not to be used as general discussion areas.

University computing regulations

You are obliged to abide by the University Computing Regulations.

Please note: The School of Education and IS Computer Services, holds various information on the use of the computer systems and network; this includes log-in and log-out times, printing logs, World Wide Web cache logs, door access control logs and network traffic logging.

While normally only used for resolving operational problems, these logs will be analysed (under paragraph 7 of the University's Computing Regulations) down to the individual user where a breach of the Regulations or other misuses and abuses of the facilities is suspected.

In addition, statistical analysis may take place, which does not identify any individual, to provide management information on computer lab, door access, software, printing, cache, network and general computer usage.