MSc programmes

Edinburgh MSc Economics degrees are offered through the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (SGPE) which is a collaboration between eight Scottish universities.

Our MSc programmes:
are technical and highly focused on theory
develop the tools and skills necessary to undertake PhD research
enable you to move directly into a career as a professional research economist.

Our degrees

We offer three MSc degrees - MSc Economics, MSc Economics (Econometrics), and MSc Economics (Finance)

All three MSc degrees are awarded by the University of Edinburgh and are taught here in Edinburgh by Economics faculty from the eight Scottish universities who belong to the SGPE.

The programmes are open to qualified international, UK and EU students.

They can be taken either full or part time (UK / EU students only).

Demand for places is high so we require MSc applicants to have a strong grounding in economics or a mathematical discipline such as mathematics, statistics or actuarial sciences.

MSc programme details, entry requirements and application guidance are on the SGPE website.

We strongly recommend that interested applicants visit our website above and review our eligibility requirements before contacting us for informal feedback.

PhD progression

The SGPE MSc programme is an excellent pathway to a PhD at Edinburgh and other Scottish universities within the SGPE.

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