Professor Maia Güell

Maia Güell is Professor of Economics.

Prof Maia Güell

Professor of Economics, Postgraduate Personal Tutor

  • School of Economics

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Room 2.01, 31 Buccleuch Place

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Gender differences in the labour market
Study of inheritance using surname information

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Maia Güell received her PhD in Economics at the London School of Economics in 2000. Right after graduate school, she was a visiting lecturer at Princeton University and then moved to Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where she was first an Assistant Professor and then an Associate Professor (with tenure). In 2007, she was appointed Professor of Economics at the University of Edinburgh. She is also a Research Affiliate in the Labour Economics Programme of CEPR, the Center for Economic Performance at the LSE and IZA. Since 2008, she is an Elected Executive Committee Member of the European Association of Labour Economists.

Maia's research interests are in theoretical and empirical labour economics. She has studied extensively the effect of labour market regulations on labour market outcomes, the choice of firms' personnel policies in regulated labour markets, and gender differences in the labour market. More recently she has focused on the study of inheritance using the information contained in surnames.

Outside work, she likes to be by the sea, in the sea and on the sea.

Selected publications

  • Maia Güell,  José V. Rodríguez Mora and Chris Telmer: "The Informational Content of Surnames, the Evolution of Intergenerational Mobility and Assortative Mating",  The Review of Economic Studies, 2015, Volume 82, Issue 2, 693-735.

  • "How binding are legal limits? Transitions from temporary to permanent work in Spain" with Petrongolo, B. (Labour Economics 2007).
  • "When Fertility is Bargained: Second Births in Denmark and Spain" with Brodmann, S. Esping-Andersen, G. (European Sociological Review 2007).
  • "Estimating the probability of leaving unemployment using uncompleted spells from (repeated) cross-section data" with Hu, L (Journal of Econometrics 2006).
  • "Gender Gaps in Unemployment Rates in OECD Countries" with Azmat, G Manning, A (Journal of Labor Economics 2006).
  • "Dismissal Conflicts and Unemployment" with Galdon-Sanchez, J.E. (European Economic Review 2003).

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