Prof Ludo Visschers

Ludo Visschers is a Professor of Economics

Prof Ludo Visschers

  • School of Economics

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31 Buccleuch Place, room 1.11

Areas of interest
Labour markets

Selected publications

  • “Unemployment Risk and Wage Differentials”, joint with Roberto Pinheiro (University of Colorado), Journal of Economic Theory (2015)
  • “Meeting technologies and optimal trading mechanisms in competitive search markets”, joint with Ben Lester (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) and Ronald Wolthoff (University of Toronto), Journal of Economic Theory, 155, 1–15 (2015)
  • "Precautionary Demand for Money in a Business Cycle Model", joint with Irina Telyukova (University of California, San Diego), Journal of Monetary Economics, Volume 60, Issue 8, November 2013, Pages 900–916
  • "Information Acquisition and the Exclusion of Evidence in Trials" (joint with Benjamin Lester, Philly Fed, and Nicola Persico, Northwestern), Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 2012
  • “Labor Market Fluctuations in the Small and in the Large”, joint with Richard Rogerson and Randall Wright, International Journal of Economic Theory, 2009, 5(1), 125-137

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