Academic staff

Staff in the School of Economics

Profiles of academic staff

Name Role Main research area(s)
Anwar, Dr Ahmed Lecturer Game theory
Arnokourou, Dr Athanasia Senior Teaching Fellow Experimental and behavioural economics
Ashe, Dr Sinead Senior Teaching Fellow Macroeconomics
Babloyan, Dr Anna Senior Teaching Fellow Applied Econometrics, Energy Economics
Bai, Dr Liang Lecturer Development economics and economic history
Belot, Prof Michèle Professor Applied labour economics
Bíró, Dr Anikó Lecturer Health economics
Brocklebank, Dr Sean Senior Teaching Fellow Macroeconomics and applied economics
Candon, Dr David Senior Teaching Fellow Health Economics, Labour Economics, Applied Economics
Clark, Prof Simon Head of School Matching and sorting, Microeconomics
Clausen, Dr Andrew Lecturer Economic Theory, Microeconomics, Contract Theory
Dieterle, Dr Steven Lecturer Labour Economics
Elsby, Prof Mike Professor Labour economics
Fransman, Prof Martin Professor Economics of innovation and technical change
George, Mr Donald A. R. Senior Lecturer Economic dynamics
Grobovšek, Dr Jan Lecturer Macroeconomics, Economic Growth
Güell, Prof Maia Professor Labour Economics
Hardman Moore, Prof John George Watson's and Daniel Stewart's Professor of Political Economy Economic theory
Harnmeijer, Jelte Teaching Fellow Carbon Economics
Holt, Dr Richard Senior Lecturer Macroeconomics and labour economics
Hopkins, Prof Ed Professor Game theory, behavioural economics
Kircher, Prof Philipp Professor Microeconomics, Macroeconomics
Kornienko, Dr Tatiana Senior Lecturer Applied game theory
Logue, Caitriona Teaching Fellow Microeconometrics, labour economics, development economics
Lopes de Melo, Dr Rafael Lecturer Macroeconomics
Marquadt, Dr Gerdis Post-Doc Fellow in Economics  
Moiseeva, Dr Yulia Post-Doc Fellow in Economics  
Myers, Dr Nicholas Senior Teaching Fellow International trade and migration
Nuevo-Chiquero, Dr Ana Lecturer Labour Economics, Demographic Economics, Health Economics
Plekhanov, Sergei Senior Teaching Fellow Macroeconomics
Politi, Dr Dimitra Lecturer Health and labour economics
Potlogea, Dr Andrei Lecturer International trade
Roberts, Dr Colin Lecturer Applied econometrics
Rodríguez Mora, Prof José V. Professor Macroeconomics
Rutherford, Mr Donald Lecturer History of economic thought
Sákovics, Prof József Professor Microeconomic theory
Sayer, Prof Stuart Professor of Economics Education Macroeconomic and monetary theory and policy
Simion, Dr Stefania Senior Teaching Fellow Economics of Education
Snell, Prof Andy Professor Applied econometrics
Steiner, Prof Jakub Professorial Fellow Game theory and Economic theory
Steinhauer, Dr Andreas Lecturer Labour and family economics
Taneva, Dr Ina Lecturer Economic Theory, Information Economics, Mechanism Design
Thomas, Prof Jonathan Professor Labour economics
Visschers, Prof Ludo Professor Macroeconomics, Labour economics
Vojnovic, Jovan Teaching Fellow  
Watts, Dr Michael Senior Teaching Fellow Macroeconomics and Applied Economics
Worrall, Prof Tim Professor of Economics Contract theory
Zymek, Dr Robert Lecturer International economics

Profiles of affiliated faculty

Name Role Main research area(s)
Hughes, Prof Gordon A Volunteer Lecturer (part-time) Natural resources
de Meza, Professor David London School of Economics Theory of the firm
Forbes, Professor John University of Limerick Health economics
Hassler, Professor John Institute for International Economic Studies (IIES), Stockholm University Economics of climate change, optimal taxation and social insurance
Kanbur, Professor Ravi Cornell University Public economics and development economics
Koop, Professor Gary University of Strathclyde Econometrics
Samuelson, Professor Larry Yale University Game theory
Scott-Morton, Professor Fiona M Yale School Of Management Competitive strategy