School of Divinity


A complete list of the books published by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues. Follow the link to read available texts online.

  • Christianity and the Future of Welfare, Duncan B. Forrester, Epworth, 1985.

Opportunities and Limitations in Religious Broadcasting, Peter Elvy, 1991.

  • Capital: A Moral Instrument? Members of Working Group on Finance and Ethics, 1992.

Voices in the Andes: The Churches Use of Radio in Equador, Alice May Mitchell, 1993.

  • Beyond Fear: Vision, Hope & Generosity, Andrew R. Morton (ed.), Saint Andrew Press, 1998.
  • Public Theology for the 21st Century: Essays in Honour of Duncan Forrester, William F. Storrar and Andrew R. Morton, (eds.), T&T Clark International, 2004.

Public Concerns series

In 2003, we launched a new series of books on Public Concerns edited by William Storrar and Alison Elliot, in partnership with the Saint Andrew Press.

  • God in Society: Doing Social Theology in Scotland Today, William F. Storrar and Peter Donald (eds.), Saint Andrew Press, 2003.
  • Honouring Children: The Human Rights of the Child, Kathleen Marshall and Paul Parvis, Saint Andrew Press, 2004.
  • Netting Citizens: Exploring Citizenship in the Internet Age, Johnston R. McKay (ed.), Saint Andrew Press, 2004.
  • Growing Citizens: An Interdisciplinary Reflection on Citizen Education, Alison Elliot and Heidi Poon (eds.), Saint Andrews Press, 2009.