School of Divinity

Occasional papers

A complete list of all the occasional papers published by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues. Follow the link to read the texts online.

’Does he know how frightening he is in his strangeness?’ A Study of Attitudes towards Dementing People, Hugh M. D. Petszch, 1984.

Family, School and Church in Religious Education, Leslie J. Francis et al., 1984.

Welfare State or Welfare Society?, Robin Downie et al., 1985.

From Captivity to Liberation: Some Theological and Pastoral Perspectives on Chronic Renal Failure, Gillian M Morton, 1985.

The New Right and Christian Values, Lord Harris et al., 1985.

The End of Professionalism?, William F. May et al., 1985.

Poverty Today, Peter Townsend et al., 1986.

Faith in the Scottish City, Richard O’Brien et al., 1986.

Education and Community, Ruth Jonathan et al., 1986.

Law and Order: Prospects for the Future, Malcolm Rifkind et al., 1986.

Finance and Ethics, Ronald Preston et al., 1987.

The Scottish Churches and the Political Process Today, eds., Alison Elliot and Duncan B. Forrester, 1986.

Northern Ireland: A Challenge to Theology, Enda McDonagh et al., 1987.

Inequalities in Health in the 1980’s, ed., Alison Elliot, 1988.

Distribution of Wealth and Income: Patterns and Trends, Fred Twine, 1988.

The Economics of the Distribution of Income and Wealth, John Sleeman, 1988.

Dependency: Dependence, Independence, Inter-dependence in Culture and Society, ed., Chris Clark, 1988.

The Renewal of Social Vision, eds, Alison J. Elliot and Ian Swanson, 1989.

Justice, Guilt and Forgiveness in the Penal System, ed., David Garland, 1990.

The Market and Health Care, David Jenkins et al., 1990.

Christianity and Social Vision: Looking to the Future of Scotland, Duncan Forrester et al., 1990.

Justice and the Market, Gordon A. Hughes et al., 1990.

Third World Debt – First World Responsibility, David Knox et al., 1991.

Vision and Prophecy: The Tasks of Social Theology Today, ed., Michael S. Northcott, 1991.

The Future of Broadcasting in Britain, Brian Marjoribanks et al., 1991.

Peacemaking and Security in the 1990s, Hugh Beach et al., 1991.

The Animal Kingdom and the Kingdom of God, Ruth Page et al., 1991.

Penal Policy: The Way Forward, Rod Morgan et al., 1991.

Seeing Scotland, Seeing Christ, David McCrone et al., 1993.

AIDS, Sex and the Scottish Churches, ed., Michael S. Northcott, 1993.

Care, Community and State, ed., Sandy Wynd, 1994.

God's Will in a Time of Crisis: A Colloquium Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Baillie Commission, ed., Andrew R. Morton, 1994.

After Socialism? The Future of Radical Christianity, ed., Andrew R Morton, 1994.

Christian Responsibility and the New Europe, ed., Andrew R Morton, 1994.

Justice and Prosperity: A Realistic Vision? A Response to the Report of the Commission on Social Justice, ed., Andrew R Morton, 1995.

Domestic Debt: Disease of Consumer Society?, ed., Andrew R Morton, 1996.

Security, Solidarity and Peacemaking, ed., Andrew R. Morton, 1996.

Work, Worth and Community: Responding to the Crisis of Work, eds, John Hughes and Andrew Morton, 1996.

The State of Imprisonment, ed., Andrew R Morton, 1997.

Catholicism and the Future of Scotland, eds, Gerard Hand and Andrew Morton, 1997.

When Maize and Tobacco Are Not Enough: A Church Study of Malawi's Agro-Economy, ed., Peggy Owens, 1997.

The Future of Welfare, ed., Andrew R. Morton, 1997.

What do children need from their fathers?, Cynthia Milligan and Alan Dowie, 1998.

A Turning Point in Ireland and Scotland? A Challenge to the Churches and Theology Today, ed., Andrew Morton, 1998.

A Europe of Neighbours? Religious Social Thought and the Reshaping of a Pluralist Europe, eds, Andrew Morton and Jim Francis, 1999.

The Sorrows of Young Men: Exploring their Increasing Risk of Suicide, eds, Andrew Morton and Jim Francis, 2000.

Couples in Transition: Integrity and Brokenness, ed., Andrew R. Morton, 2000.

High Ideals & Sobering Realities: Public Lectures on Public Issues, Jim Wallace et al., 2003.