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Information on our current projects.

Peacebuilding Through Media Arts

The Centre for Theology and Public Issues has been awarded a grant from the Binks Trust to fund a 3-year research project focussing on Peacebuilding Through Media Arts.

The connection between religion and violence is frequently portrayed in and reinforced by a variety of media arts, from news reports and documentaries to drama and visual art. ‘Religion’ is often offered as a simplistic explanation for why violence occurs, resulting in a lack of sustained attention to the complex role religion plays in violence and armed conflict. Consistent media focus on religious violence also means that religious agents involved in peacebuilding are often left out of the picture.

The Peacebuilding Through Media Arts project aims to address these problems in two ways. One strand will analyse more closely the presentation of religious violence in media arts, researching the connection between religion and violence in order to provide depth and complexity to simplistic media portrayals. The second, major strand will focus on the use of media arts for peacebuilding. This strand of the project will include staging exhibitions, performances and events around the theme of practical peacebuilding.

Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr Theodora Hawksley


Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace (Relwar)

CTPI is delighted to host Dr George R Wilkes and the project on Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace (Relwar). The project investigates relations between military, political and religious dimensions of war and peace today and in the past. Relwar brings together a network of partners from across the world, both within academia and from militaries and humanitarian and peacebuilding organisations. Relwar researchers are involved in academic research, dialogues, and consultations on a number of topics, including military ethics education; grassroots post-conflict reconciliation, with a special focus on the former Yugoslavia; public discussion of ethical debates over war and peace; cross-conflict interreligious dialogue; and the lessons of past wars for present conflicts.

Media and Theology

Edinburgh is one of the world's leading centres in the study of communication and religion, theology and the media.

The Media and Theology Project has three aims.

  • to connect scholars and practitioners
  • to facilitate research on the theological and ethical implications of communication
  • to provide innovative teaching on media and religion

Media and Theology project

Theology in the Public Square

Theology in the Public Square was a two-year research project aimed at resourcing Scottish churches for public engagement. It was led by Rev. Dr Graham K. Blount and funded by the Binks Trust. The project duration was from the autumn of 2008 until the summer of 2010. The project had two main goals:

  • To review and reflect upon the perspectives and strategies of Christian engagement in Scottish public debate since devolution.
  • To identify, in consultation with the churches, policy areas where there is need for theological resourcing and to develop—in partnership with churches and others—theological perspectives on these issues.

CTPI hosted several conferences as part of this project including:

  • Building Home, Building Hope, this conference addressed the theology of the home. It was put on by CTPI in partnership with Scottish Churches Housing Action, the Salvation Army and Bethany Christian Trust.
  • Another event was the Henry Duncan Bicentenary Conference. Duncan, a Scottish minister, was an early initiator of the saving banks movement in Britain The bicentenary event celebrated his legacy in the context of contemporary efforts to extend banking to the poor.