School of Divinity

Academic staff

The activities of the Centre are supported by several academic staff.


Prof Jolyon Mitchell

Prof Jolyon Mitchell worked as a producer and journalist for BBC World Service and BBC Radio Four before he was appointed to a lectureship at Edinburgh University.

He continues to contribute regularly to different media, providing specialist analysis on topics related to religion and media.

Professor Jolyon Mitchell

Professor of Communications, Arts and Religion; Director of the Centre for Theology and Public Issue

Associate Directors

Dr Alison Elliot

Dr Alison Elliot has a background in academic psychology.

She has wide experience of representing the church in ecumenical and public affairs at a national and international level.

Dr Alison Elliot

Prof David Fergusson

Dr David Fergusson is a Professor of Divinity.

Educated in philosophy and theology, he previously worked for several years as a parish minister in the Church of Scotland.

Professor David Fergusson

Professor of Divinity; Principal of New College

Dr Alison Jack

Dr Alison Jack is one of the Editors of The Expository Times.

She is a Church of Scotland minister whose area of academic interest is the relationship between the Bible, literature and culture, particularly in Scotland.

Dr Alison Jack

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Assistant Principal New College, Lecturer in Bible & Literature

Dr Michael Northcott

Dr Michael Northcott is a Professor of Ethics. He taught practical theology at the Seminari Theologi Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur before coming to the University of Edinburgh in 1989.

He is an ordained Anglican Priest, Associate Rector at St James, Leith, and Canon Theologian of Liverpool Cathedral.

Professor Michael Northcott

Professor of Ethics; Director of Research

Dr Geoffrey Stevenson

Dr Geoffrey Stevenson received his PhD from Edinburgh in homiletics and the development of preachers. Before his study here he was Director of the Centre for Christian Communication at St Johns College, Durham.

He also previously worked for 20 years as an actor, specialising in mime and physical theatre.

Dr Geoffrey Stevenson

Dr Alex Chow

Dr Alex Chow is a Chancellor’s Fellow in World Christianity.

His research interests are in East Asian Christian theology, and he is currently researching on the public nature of Chinese Christianity.

Dr Alex Chow

Lecturer in World Christianity

Dr Leah Robinson

Dr Leah Robinson is a lecturer in Practical Theology.

Her research interest are in theologies of violence and reconcilliation, sectarianism in Scotland and Ireland and contextual theology.

Dr Leah Robinson

Lecturer in Practical Theology

Professor Oliver O’Donovan

Professor Oliver O' Donovan

Emeritus Professor of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology

Research Fellow

Director of the Project on Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace

Dr George R. Wilkes

George R. Wilkes specialises in the application of religious and political ethics to war and peace, both historically and also in new and secular forms of Jewish, Christian and Muslim discourse about the making of war and peace. The Project focuses on all aspects of the relationship between ethics and religion in war and in peace-building, and has ongoing programming focused on military ethics education, truth and reconciliation processes, and the application of ethical discourse in conflict zones from Pakistan to Iraq.

Dr George Wilkes

Director, Project on Religion and Ethics in the Making of War and Peace, Research Fellow