School of Divinity

Biblical Studies

Fridays, 11:15am - 12:30pm, Martin Hall

Semester 2

20 Jan 2017

Mr. Benj Petroelje, University of Edinburgh, “When Paul Was a Book: The Euthalian Apparatus, Priscillian’s Canons, and Ephesians”

27 Jan 2017

Dr. Casey Strine, Sheffield University, “Your Name Shall No Longer Be Jacob, but Refugee: Involuntary Migration and the Development of the Jacob Narrative”

3 Feb 2017

Prof. Desta Heliso, Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology, “‘Son of God’ in Romans: An Examination of Paul’s Depiction of Jesus as Son of God in Ethiopian Christian Traditions”

10 Feb 2017

Dr. Kimberley Czajkowski, University of Edinburgh, paper title TBD

17 Feb 2017

Ms. Sarah Agnew, University of Edinburgh, “Mutual Indwelling: Exploring the Potential for Embodied Performance Analysis with Romans 16”

24 Feb 2017 (No seminar this week)
3 Mar 2017

Dr. Katherine Southwood, University of Oxford, “What light do the medical humanities shed on the Book of Job? And what can Job contribute to the medical                      humanities?”

10 Mar 2017

Mr. Elijah Hixson, University of Edinburgh, “Window to a Sixth-Century Scriptorium: Three Luxury Gospel Manuscripts and the Scribes Who Made Them”

17 Mar 2017

TBC “The Affective Value of Security/Trust in the Hebrew Bible”

24 Mar 2017

Prof. Helen Bond, University of Edinburgh, “Reading Mark’s Gospel as an Ancient Biography”

31 Mar 2017

Dr. David Janzen, Durham University, “A Monument and a Name: The Primary Purpose of Chronicles’ Genealogies”

7 Apr 2017

Mr. Eric Beck, University of Edinburgh, “What the hell is the purpose of the Apocalypse of Peter?”


Semester 1

15 Sept 2016

Prof Vered Noam, Tel Aviv University, “Josephus and the Rabbis, or: Why Did the Heavenly Voice Speak Aramaic?”

N.B. Thursday 11:15am, Senate Room

23 Sept 2016

Dr Meredith Warren, University of Sheffield, “The Cup of God’s Wrath: Libation Imagery in the Book of Revelation and Early Christian Meal Practice”

30 Sept 2016

Prof Timothy Lim, University of Edinburgh, “An Indicative Definition of the Canon”

7 Oct 2016

Mr Bernardo Cho, University of Edinburgh, “Messiah and Priesthood: Jesus’s Demonstration at the Temple in the Gospel of Mark”

14 Oct 2016

Dr Karin Neutel, University of Oslo, “Good News for the Foreskin? Paul in Ancient and Contemporary Debates on Male Circumcision”

21 Oct 2016

Mr Kin Foon Man, University of Edinburgh, “The Exclusion of Moses”

28 Oct 2016

Ms Maryann Amor, University of Edinburgh, “What’s God got to do, got to do with it? The LORD, an oath, and Solomon’s rise to the throne (1 Kings 1:11-31)”

4 Nov 2016

Dr James Carleton Paget, University of Cambridge, “The Jewish Revolts and Jewish-Christian Relations”

11 Nov 2016

Mr Daniel Jackson, University of Edinburgh, “Glory in the History of Interpretation of Romans”

18 Nov 2016 (No seminar this week)
25 Nov 2016

Ms Elizabeth Corsar, University of Edinburgh, “John’s Adaptation of His Markan Source: An Analysis of Source Adaptation in the First Century”

2 Dec 2016

Prof Alison Salvesen, University of Oxford, “Jewish Greek Scripture in the First and Second Centuries C.E.: What Did Early Christian Authors Have in Their Hands When They ‘Searched the Scriptures’?”