Communications and Marketing

Support for staff

Our team offers advice on how to work with the media and can help identify issues and stories which may attract coverage.

Press and Public Relations support

We can work with you to devise a communication strategy for promoting research, major University projects and events.

We write or contribute feature articles for University print publications, the website and a range of external publications. We also monitor and analyse media coverage relating to the University.

Our team can advise you on media handling and interview techniques.

We also manage media attendance at University corporate events and launches.

Media training

We provide in-house media training on how to work with the print and broadcast media.

Media training

Internal communications

We provide advice on internal communications to ensure there is a well-managed flow of information from one part of the University to another.

Community relations

We can advise and support on community relations. We seek out partnerships with external organisations on a variety of projects which might be mutually beneficial.

Our Community Relations Strategy includes an overview of all the community engagement work that the University undertakes.