Internal Medicine

MSc Internal Medicine Programme

The Internal Medicine programme is a part-time 3 year Online Distance Learning programme. The programme allows you to exit after each year for qualifications at Certificate, Diploma and Master’s level.

Programme structure

Year 1 Courses

Year 2 Courses

Year 3 Courses

The MSc Internal Medicine programme is a part-time 3 year Master's, however, you can study for a Certificate (1 year), Diploma (2 years) or Master’s (3 years) degree. Each year of your programme will consist of 60 credits.

Year 1 is made up of 4 core courses worth 40 credits. The remaining 20 credits comes from either a single 20-credit course or 2 10-credit courses. Year 1 students can substitute the 20-credit course if they have passed the MRCP Written exam. Otherwise the 20-credit course is specifically designed to prepare students to take the MRCP exams or similar certifications.

Year 2 comsists of two 10-credit core courses. The remaining 40 credits comes from various electives. These electives include courses from the MSc Internal Medicine programme and other  programmes at the University of Edinburgh including Pain Management and Surgical Science.

Year 3 is offered as two different options. There is a Dissertation-only option where you work on a piece of your own research from conception to completion for all 60 credits. This option requires the students to organize a supervisor in collaboration with the programme and prepare a research project. The disseration is a 15,000 word write-up of this research.

We also offer a fully taught Year 3 which is designed in a similar manner to Year 2. There are two 10-credit core courses followed by 40 additional elective credits. The electives that are offered are the same electives that are available to the Year 2 students allowing students to take as many specialty courses as they can over Year 2 and Year 3 providing a broader base of knowledge in multiple areas.

The two Year 3 options are intended to allow students to either focus in on a specific topic of interest and enhance their research and publication skills by taking the disseration track or allowing students who want to have exposure to as many specialist courses as possible to do so.

Although you only need to commit 8 - 12 hours to study per week, you are expected to attend weekly online tutorials which are organised in advance and usually take place in the evenings (British Time), although this is subject to change. Your timetable is organised into blocks of study, taking into account the University’s academic year. 10-credit courses run for 6 weeks while 20-credit courses run for 12 weeks. The first 5 weeks consist of instructional materials such as recorded tutorials, videos, related articles, and textbook readings. The sixth week is the review and assessment week where all assignments or exams will be due.