Chaplaincy Committee

The University Chaplaincy Committee is a formal committee of the University of Edinburgh.

The University Chaplaincy Committee acts as a support/advisory group for the University Chaplaincy. Its membership comprises staff and students from a wide range of backgrounds and traditions.

Membership (2013-14)

The normal period of office is four years, and members are eligible for re-appointment for no more than one further period of four years.


  • Professor David Fergusson

Staff members

  • Ms Janet Rennie
  • Prof John Plevris
  • Mr Robert Lawrie
  • Dr Hamish Macleod
  • Dr Fanney Kristmundsdottir
  • Dr Peter Moles
  • Professor S. Jay Brown
  • Dr Sara Parvis
  • Prof Hugh Goddard
  • Ms Jean Grier
  • Dr Hannah Holtschneider
  • Ms Jo Holtan
  • Ms Karen Bowman
  • Dr Nacim Pak-Shiraz
  • Dr Kenneth Amaeshi
  • Dr Dorothy Watson
  • Professor Ian Campbell
  • Dr Chris Harding
  • Dr Liz Grant
  • Mr Euan Fergusson

Student members

  • EUSA President
  • EUSA Vice-President Societies & Activities
  • Mr Teodor-Georg Borz
  • Mr Faheem Akhter
  • Mr Adam Michalchuk
  • Mr Alex Afnan
  • Ms Flora Levy
  • Mr Adam Hussain
  • Ms Ellinor Borjesson

In attendance

  • Rev Dr Harriet Harris (University Chaplain)
  • Rev Ali Newell (Associate Chaplain)
  • An Honorary Chaplain
  • Chaplaincy Committee Secretaries: Mr Chris Hutchings, Ms Stephanie West