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The Chaplaincy is for all faiths and none - a place at the table for everyone. Our team covers a wide variety of beliefs, including humanism and all major world religions.

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Events at and around the Chaplaincy - weekly classes and meetings, annual events and special occasions.

Apply for the Camino Peace Pilgrimage by 10th February - deadline extended!

Applications for our Nature and Sustainability Workshop are now open - apply by 14th February.

Multi-Faith Public Conversation - ‘Can Radical Compassion win the war on Violent Extremism?', 9th March, 5.30pm


Our multi-faith team of chaplains is available to offer sensitive, impartial support in any situation. To talk to a Chaplain, either come to the Chaplaincy direct, contact us by email or phone, or (out of hours) call Security on 0131 650 2257 to talk to the on-call chaplain.

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