Biological Sciences


List of all academic, research, technical and administrative staff.

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Institute of Quantitative Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology staff list

Head of Institute

NameEmail AddressTelephone
Professor Paul Barlow +44 (0) 131 650 4727

Institute Secretary

NameEmail AddressTelephone
Louise Bishop +44 (0) 131 650 5366

Building Manager

NameEmail AddressTelephone
George McMillan +44 (0) 131 650 5438

Administrative Staff

NamePositionEmail AddressTelephone
Helena Sim Postgraduate Programme Administrator +44 (0) 131 650 7366

Academic Staff and Principal Investigators

NameResearch InterestEmail Address
AUER, Manfred Professor Innovative drug discovery
BARLOW, Paul Professor Professor of Structural Biology
BLAKELY, Garry Dr Site-specific recombination in bacteria
BOETTCHER, Bettina Professor Cryo-EM of macromolecular complexes
BRAMHAM, Janice Dr Structure and dynamics of biological macromolecules
COOK, Atlanta Dr Complexes in RNA metabolism
FREE, Andrew Dr Microbial communities and their applications in biotechnology and medicine
FRENCH, Chris Professor Biosensors, biomass conversion, gene assembly
GALLAGHER, Maurice Professor Bacterial physiology and vaccine development
GRANNEMAN, Sander Dr Ribosome biosynthesis
GRIMA, Ramon Dr Modelling stochastic processes
HALLIDAY, Karen Professor Biochemistry & Metabolomics. Plant Development & Evolution
HORSFALL, Louise Dr Microbial biotechnology and synthetic biology
HOUSTON, Douglas Dr Computational drug discovery
LE BIHAN, Thierry Dr Kinetic paramaterization
MARLES-WRIGHT, Jon Dr signal processing
MCLAUGHLIN, Paul Dr Senior Lecturer
MILLAR, Andrew Professor Systems biology and biological clocks
MOLINA, Nacho Dr Computational biology and evolutionary genomics
REID, Graeme Professor Professor of Molecular Microbiology/ Dean of Learning & Teaching
RICHARDSON, Julia Dr Structural biology of DNA transposition
ROSSER, Susan Professor Professor of Synthetic Biology
SWAIN, Peter Professor Systems biology of cellular decision-making
TAYLOR, Paul Dr Computational drug discovery
WALKINSHAW, Malcolm Professor Protein-ligand interactions
WANG, Baojun Dr Synthetic biology, Systems biology, Designing customised gene circuits for novel biosensing and bioremediation applications

Honorary and Visiting Staff

NamePositionEmail Address
Professor Tony Crowther Visiting Professor
Dr Linda Gilmore Honorary Fellow
Professor Paul Michels Visiting Professor
Robert Muetzelfeldt Honorary Fellow
Professor Lindsay Sawyer Professor Emeritus
Professor Michael Tyers Visiting Professor

Research Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
Elizabeth Blackburn Postdoctoral Research
Dr Claudia Cianci Grima Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Ivan Clark Experimental
Dr Andrew Cronshaw Rappsilber Group (.)
Erica De Leau Granneman Group (Research Technician)
Jacqueline Dornan Walkinshaw Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Matthew Edmundson Horsfall Lab (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Hannah Florance Metabolics
Heather Grey Richardson Group (Research Assistant)
Sarah Hodge Millar Group (Experimental Officer)
Sebastian Jaramillo Riveri SynthSys (Research Associate in Numerical Modelling)
Dr Uma Jayachandran Cook Lab (Research Assistant)
Mai-Britt Jensen Rosser Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Lorraine Kerr SynthSys (Synthsys Project Manager - Experiments)
Dr Galina Lebedeva SynthSys (Synthsys Project Manager - Modelling)
Dr Chao-kuo Liu French Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Cihan Makbul Boettcher Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Iain McNae Walkinshaw Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dimitrios Milios Research
Zeenat Noordally Millar Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Dr Mathew Nowicki Walkinshaw Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Nicolas Oury
Dr Nham Pham Auer Group (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Lindsay Ramage Swain Group (Scientific Curator)
Daniel Seaton SynthSys (Mathematical Modeller)
Steven Shave Auer Group (Research Fellow Combinatorial Chemistry)
Dr Maryia Trubitsyna Rosser Group (Research Associate)
Dr Caroline Wardrope Rosser Group (ResearchTechnician)
Steven Watterson
Martin Wear Protein Production Facility
Andrea Weisse Swain Group (Post Doc)

Technical Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
Kirsten Altenbach Marles-Wright Group (Research Technician)
Dr Joanna Brown Boettcher Group (Technologist)
Sandra Bruce Walkinshaw Group (Lab Manager)
Gaynor Campbell Auer Group (Research Technician)
Michael Capeness Horsfall Lab (Research Technician)
James Furniss Halliday Group (Research Technician)
Aileen Greig Tyers Group (Research Technician)
Lisa Imrie Proteomics Facility Operator
James Kinkead Walkinshaw Group (Research Technician)
Katalin Kis
Divya Malik Walkinshaw Group (Research Technician)
Maria Martin Agudo Millar Group (Research Technician)
Scott Neilson Millar Group (Modern Apprentice Lab Technician)
Jane Paget Rosser Group (Research Technician)
Eliane Salvo-Chirnside SynthSys (Senior Research Technician)
Fiona Strathdee Free Group (Research Technician)
Dr Caroline Wardrope Rosser Group (ResearchTechnician)
Helen Williamson Free Group (Research Technician)
Li-hsuan Yen Walkinshaw Group (Research Technician)

PhD Students

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
Elco Bakker Swain Group (PhD Student)
James Bryson Rosser Group (PhD student)
Elena Burlacu Granneman Group (PhD Student)
Yiyuan Chen Walkinshaw Group (PhD Student)
Matthew Dale Wang Lab (PhD Student)
Kwabena Duedu French Group (PhD Student)
Peter Fernandes Walkinshaw Group (PhD Student)
Ashwin Ganpudi Halliday Group (PhD Student)
Charis Georgiou Walkinshaw Group (PhD Student)
Abhishek Gupta Grima Group (PhD student)
Pascoe Harvey Rosser Group (PhD Student)
Kelly Jobling Blakely Lab (PhD Student)
Harriet Jones Halliday Group (PhD Student)
Christos Josephides Swain Group (PhD Student)
Rocky Kindt Free Group (PhD Student)
Dmytro Kompaniiets Spagnolo Group (PhD student)
Maria Kowal Blakely Lab (PhD Student)
Charlotte Lilley Horsfall Lab (PhD student)
Bruno Martins Swain Group (PhD Student)
Neil McKenzie Walkinshaw Group (PhD Student)
Cueva Miguel Horsfall Lab (PhD student)
Gemma Mudd Auer Group (PhD Student)
Craig Munns French Group (PhD Student)
Ndubuisi Christopher Nwankwo French Group (PhD student)
Jan Oltmanns French Group (PhD Student)
James Parker Spagnolo Group (PhD Student)
Andreas Piehler Swain Group (MSc by Research Student)
David Roberts Blakely Lab (PhD Student)
Alejandro Salinas Vaccaro French Group (PhD Student)
David Schnoerr Grima Group (PhD Student)
Aparna Shankar Blakely Lab (PhD Student)
Pratheesan Sivasubramaniam Wang Lab (PhD student)
Stephen Smith Grima Group (PhD Student)
Boyuan Song Boettcher Group (PhD student)
David Toner Grima Group (PhD Student)
Simon Varzandeh Richardson Group (PhD Student)
Beatrice Vetter Rosser Group (PhD Student)
Maa Vigbedor PhD Student
Xinyi Wan Wang Lab (PhD student)
Joe White French Group (PhD Student)
Anita Wilkinson Gallagher Lab (PhD Student)
Andromachi Xypnitou Walkinshaw Group (PhD Student)
Deyue Yang Halliday Group (PhD Student)
Meng Yuan Walkinshaw Group (PhD Student)
Efrain Zarawa-Arvizu Marles-Wright Group (Phd student)
Argyris Zardilis Millar Group (PhD Student)