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Date Event
27th Mar 17Dr Peter Etchells - Molecular Plant Sciences, University of Durham

Monday Seminar Series - "A Game of Zones: Patterning the vasculature in the green kingdom."

29th Mar 17Jean-Francois Lemaitre (Lyon)

IEB Seminar: "Sex-differences in senescence patterns across mammals"

29th Mar 17Atlanta Cook

Wednesday Seminar Series: 'TBC'

29th Mar 17Weronika Borek

Wednesday Seminar Series: 'The role of the inner kinetochore in formation of kinetochore-microtubule attachments in meiosis I'

30th Mar 17Paul Kaye

Progress in the immunopathology of experimental visceral leishmaniasis: a translational agenda

31st Mar 17Dr Bruno Martins (Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge)

SynthSys Seminar Series - Frequency doubling in the cyanobacterial circadian clock

3rd Apr 17Dr mariia Yuneva - The Francis Crick Institute

Monday Seminar Series - "Metabolic Lessons Learnt from In Vivo Tumor Models"

5th Apr 17Xue Su

Wednesday Seminar Series: 'Determining the Role of SUMOylation in Inactivating Sgo1 during Mitosis'

5th Apr 17Alistair McCormick

Wednesday Seminar Series: 'Plants with synthetic carbon concentrating mechanisms'

5th Apr 17David Reznick (UC Riverside)

IEB Seminars: TBC

7th Apr 17Lewis Stevens and Dom Laetsch

Happy Hour Seminar: "TBC"

7th Apr 17Professor Hailing Jin, University of California at Riverside

Cross-kingdom RNAi in plant-fungal interactions

13th Apr 17Jose-Luiz Garcia Perez


20th Apr 17Andrew Mellor, Newcastle University


21st Apr 17Jess Clark and Jack Hearn

Happy Hour Seminar: "TBC"

24th Apr 17Dr Patrick Schweizer - Pathogen-Stress Genomics Lab, Breeding Research, IPK Gatersleben

Monday Seminar Series - 'Gene discovery and validation for durable resistance of barley against fungal pathogens'

27th Apr 17Silvia Portugal

The silent reservoir of P. falciparum during the dry season

3rd May 17Hiten Madhani, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, UCSF, USA

WT PhD Programme Seminar - "TBC"

3rd May 17Chinyere Okoro (Cambridge)

IEB Seminar: TBC

4th May 17Prof Wendy Bickmore (Director - MRC Human Genetics Unit)

SynthSys seminar series - Title TBC

5th May 17Lisa Gecchele (IEB) and Kat Keogan (IEB)

Happy Hour Seminar; "TBC"

9th May 17Various Speakers

Annual School of Biological Sciences Research Symposium

10th May 17Bèla Novàk, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford

WT PhD Programme Seminar - "tbc"

17th May 17Danny Reinberg, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, New York, USA

WT PhD Programme Seminar - "tbc"

17th May 17John Davey (York)

IEB Seminar TBC

19th May 17Greg Albery (IEB), Amy Sweeny (IEB) and Jonathon Silva-Jothy (IEB)

Happy Hour Seminar: "TBC"

24th May 17Vincent Gèli, CRCM, Marseilles, France

WT PhD Programme Seminar - "tbc"

24th May 17Dr Thomas Howard (Newcastle University)

SynthSys seminar series - Title TBC

24th May 17[Still Available]

IEB Seminar: TBA

31st May 17[Still Available]

IEB Seminar: TBA

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