Immunology and Infection

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List of all academic, research, technical and administrative staff.

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Institute of Immunology and Infection Research staff list

  • R = Edinburgh Research Explorer profile
  • V = Research in a Nutshell video

Head of Institute

NameEmail AddressTelephone
MATTHEWS, Keith Prof +44 (0) 131 651 3639

Institute Secretary

NameEmail AddressTelephone
SHIELDS, Roz +44 (0) 131 650 5464

Building Manager

NameEmail AddressTelephone
BROWN, David Dr +44 (0) 131 650 5453

Administrative Staff

NamePositionEmail AddressTelephone
HURST, Jennifer Administrative Assistant +44 (0) 131 651 3688
KOKOWSKA, Kasia Centre Manager - CIIE +44 (0) 131 650 3683
SNAITH, Hilary Dr Executive Manager, EID +44 (0) 131 651 3688

Academic Staff and Principal Investigators

NameResearch InterestEmail
ARNOT, David Prof Malaria molecular biology, epidemiology and vaccines R
BUCK, Amy Dr Micro-RNA function in the host-pathogen context R V
CAVANAGH, David Dr Human immune response to antigens from the erythrocytic stage of Plasmodium falciparum, with the aim of developing effective vaccines targeting these parasite proteins R
GRAY, David Prof Immunological memory and T-B cell interactions R V
IVENS, Aladair Dr Bioinformatics for genome analysis R
MATTHEWS, Keith Prof Cell biology of African trypanosomes R V
MUTAPI, Francisca Dr Immunoepidemiology of human schistosomiasis V
POTOCNIK, Alexandre Dr R
ROWE, Alex Prof Cell biology of malaria infection and disease R V
SAVILL, Nick Dr Epidemiology and evolution of infectious diseases R
SCHNAUFER, Achim Dr Mitochondrial biology of trypanosomatid parasites
SPENCE, Phil Dr Plasmodium virulence and immunity to malaria R
SZOOR, Balazs Dr Phosphatases in parasite biology R
TAYLOR, Matthew Dr Priming and maintenance of regulatory and effector T cell responses during chronic helminth infections R V
THOMPSON, Joanne Dr Molecular biology of malaria parasites
ZAISS, Dietmar Dr Function of the EGF-R signalling pathway in the immune system R V
ZAMOYSKA, Rose Prof Regulation of T cell differentiation, activation and homeostasis V

Honorary and Visiting Staff

NamePositionEmail Address
ALLEN, Judith Professor Honorary Professor
BABIKER, Hamza Dr Honorary Fellow
BARTLEY, David Dr Honorary Lecturer -
CARTER, Richard Professor Senior Honorary Professorial Fellow
DRESSER, David Dr Honorary Fellow
MAIZELS, Rick Professor Honorary Professor
NISBET, Alasdair Dr Honorary Fellow -

Research Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail
BLAIR, Natalie Zaiss Group / Research Assistant R
CHHATBAR, Kashyap Buck Group / Bioinformatician
CHOW, Franklin Wang-ngai Dr Buck Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
COOPER, Sinclair Schnaufer Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate
COWAN, Graeme Dr Gray Group / Temporary Lectureship In Biotechnology R
DEWAR, Caroline Schnaufer Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate
DICKINSON, Paul Dr Buck Group / Project Manager
GARCIA, Celine Zamoyska Group / Research Assistant R
HAUPT, Sonja Zamoyska Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
KNIPPER, Johanna Dr Taylor Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
LEE, Kim Cavanagh Group / Research Assistant
LOPEZ VIDAL, Javier Matthews Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
MCCASKILL, Jana Dr Buck Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
MCNALLY, Luke Matthews Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
MINUTTI, Carlos Munoz Zaiss Group / PDRA
MISKINYTE REIS, Migla Dr Schnaufer Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate
MURRAY, Janice Dr Mutapi Group / Research Assistant R
NAHRENDORF, Wiebke Dr Spence Group / Post Doctoral Researcher
RAVASZ, Mate Dr Zamoyska Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
ROJAS, Federico Dr Matthews Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate R
SARDIS, Marios Dr Schnaufer Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate
SILVESTER, Eleanor Matthews Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
SUBRTOVA, Karolina Dr Schnaufer Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate
TAN, Thomas Dr Zamoyska Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
TRUB, Marta Dr Zamoyska Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate
VIDAL, Eva Dr Matthews Group / Postdoctoral Research Associate R
WATERFALL, Martin Dr Matthews Group / Head of Flow Cytometry R
WITTEVELDT, Jeroen Dr Macias-Ribela Lab / Postdoctoral Research Associate R

Technical Research Staff

NameGroup / PositionEmail
FULTON, Alison Taylor Group / Research Technician
GAWRON, Katarzyna / Research Technician
GORDON, Katrina Dr Buck Group / Research Technician R
LEAR, Marissa Buck Group / Research Technician
LOGAN, Nicola Zaiss Group / Research Technician
MOONEY, Ronnie Matthews Group / Research Technician
MURRAY, Dianne Dr Matthews Group / Manager for Multiuser Microscopy Unit
ROBERTSON, Elaine Buck Group / Research Technician
SMITH, Donald Dr Matthews Group / Research Technician
WALLIS, Julie Dr Schnaufer Lab / Research Technician
WILSON, Julie Matthews Group / Research Technician
WRIGHT, David Zamoyska Group / Research Technician
ZOU, Xiaoyan Zamoyska Group / Research Technician

PhD Students

NameGroup / PositionEmail Address
AMEGATCHER, Gloria PhD Student
AZASI, Yvonne Rowe Group / PhD Student
BRAY, Cara PhD Student
CAMPBELL, Sharon PhD Student
COAKLEY, Gillian Buck Group / PhD Student
COOPER, Sinclair Savill Group / PhD Student
EYOH, Enwono PhD Student
JANES, Denys Savill Group / PhD Student
MCCRAE, Jame PhD Student
MCWILLIAM, Kirsty PhD Student
MILNE, Kathryn PhD Student
NWOKE, Eze PhD Student
PUKLER, Peter Zamoyska Group / PhD Student
SWANN, Olivia Rowe Group / PhD Student
TOIVAKKA, Matilda PhD Student
WATSON, Samir PhD Student
WU, Xuhang PhD Student