Immunology and Infection

Forthcoming seminars

Date Event
30th Mar 17Paul Kaye

Progress in the immunopathology of experimental visceral leishmaniasis: a translational agenda

31st Mar 17IEB and IIIR

Celebrations - Completion of the renovation of Ashworth 2, and the recent promotions awarded to Ashworth denizens

7th Apr 17Professor Hailing Jin, University of California at Riverside

Cross-kingdom RNAi in plant-fungal interactions

13th Apr 17Jose-Luiz Garcia Perez


20th Apr 17Andrew Mellor, Newcastle University


27th Apr 17Silvia Portugal

The silent reservoir of P. falciparum during the dry season

1st Jun 17Georgia Perona-Wright


29th Jun 17Cristina Lo Celso, Imperial College London


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