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Gene linked to big salmon


A gene has been identified that influences the size to which adult salmon grow.

Published 10 November.

Tadpoles delay becoming frogs


Some tadpoles delay developing into frogs until an entire year after hatching, perhaps because they can gain advantages by waiting, a study suggests.

Published 26 October.

How organisms cope with changes


A small freshwater plant that has evolved to live in harsh seawater is giving scientists insight into how living things adapt to changes in their environment.

Published 15 October.

New Ebola reponse developments


Recent developments in surveillance technology could enable a swifter, more effective response to potentially deadly outbreaks of disease, a study has found.

Published 1 October.

Stronger winds could affect seabirds


Stronger winds forecast as a result of climate change could impact on populations of seabirds, a University study suggests.

Published 18 August.


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