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Forests under climate change


For restoration and expansion of native woodlands, forest managers typically use planting stock which has been grown from locally sourced seed, because it is best adapted to local conditions.

Published 27 September.

Insight into family bond in beetles


Efforts to protect endangered species could be helped by fresh insights into how parenting affects the survival chances of inbred animals.

Published 15 September.

Study into insects' moving patterns


Plants can maximise their chances of reproduction by taking advantage of how insects move between flowers when they track down nectar, a study suggests.

Published 18 July.

Multiple infections in malaria


Scientists have discovered why infections with two types of malaria parasite lead to greater health risks – because one species helps the other to thrive.

Published 4 July.

New research into burying beetles


Female beetles that are seasoned fighters put more effort into raising their offspring than mothers with no conflict experience, a study suggests.

Published 22 June.


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