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Study into insects' moving patterns


Plants can maximise their chances of reproduction by taking advantage of how insects move between flowers when they track down nectar, a study suggests.

Published 18 July.

Multiple infections in malaria


Scientists have discovered why infections with two types of malaria parasite lead to greater health risks – because one species helps the other to thrive.

Published 4 July.

New research into burying beetles


Female beetles that are seasoned fighters put more effort into raising their offspring than mothers with no conflict experience, a study suggests.

Published 22 June.

New study into nesting times


Birds' ability to alter spring nesting times as temperatures rise could help safeguard their long-term survival in changing climates, research suggests.

Published 17 May.

Beyond killing


A paper on innovative approaches to manage disease without traditional antibiotics will be published in Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health.

Published 6 April.


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