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New study into nesting times


Birds' ability to alter spring nesting times as temperatures rise could help safeguard their long-term survival in changing climates, research suggests.

Published 17 May.

Beyond killing


A paper on innovative approaches to manage disease without traditional antibiotics will be published in Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health.

Published 6 April.

Insight into evolution of malaria


New insights into parasites in chimpanzees have shed light on how the most malignant human malaria parasite first came to infect people.

Published 22 March.

New red deer study


Inbred animals have fewer surviving offspring compared with others, a study of red deer in the wild has found.

Published 15 March.

New study into rare organ condition


A rare condition in which people's internal organs develop on the wrong side of the body could be better understood – thanks to a study of snail shells.

Published 25 February.


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