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New Ebola reponse developments


Recent developments in surveillance technology could enable a swifter, more effective response to potentially deadly outbreaks of disease, a study has found.

Published 1 October.

Stronger winds could affect seabirds


Stronger winds forecast as a result of climate change could impact on populations of seabirds, a University study suggests.

Published 18 August.

Infections impact on relatatives


Disease in wild animals can have a greater impact on the health of others than on the infected animals themselves, a study suggests.

Published 17 July.

Algae to cope with more CO2


Tiny marine algae that play a critical role in supporting life on Earth may be better equipped to deal with future climate change than previously expected, research shows.

Published 12 July.

New research into Darwin's finches


A family of birds that helped Charles Darwin devise his famous theory of evolution has enabled scientists to gain new insight into biodiversity.

Published 10 July.


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