Using alumni relations

In Development & Alumni we want to encourage Schools and Departments to utilise Alumni Relations and engage with your alumni.

Why Use Alumni Relations?

  • Point of contact for those wanting to get in touch with Alumni or to invite them to events
  • Advice on organising events
  • A communication channel with Alumni and supporters of the University

Contacting Alumni

If you wish to contact Alumni, we are your first point of contact in terms of offering practical advice in terms of planning communications, running events and primarily providing you with their information. Unfortunately we are unable to organise individual alumni activities for individual schools.

Alumni Information

To contact Alumni you must obtain their current contact details from this office, and not from Registry. All you need to do is adhere to the Data Protection provisos and complete a Data Release Form, which are available to download below.

Our only request is that if you receive updated Alumni information you feed this back to us to keep the master database up to date.

Events Organisation

We organise a range of our own events and have great experience in this area. While we are unable to organise other department events, we can give practical advice. Please contact us if you want help in this area.

Alumni Communications

We actively communicate with Alumni, be it through our magazine or bi-monthly e-newsletter. If you have an event or interesting news we would be happy to publicise this to alumni. Email us for further information.

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