The Development and Alumni office is responsible for fundraising activities for the University.

Key Fundraising Areas

  • Student Scholarships
  • Facilities
  • Teaching
  • Research

In October 2006, we launched the largest fundraising initiative of its kind in Scotland's history, the University of Edinburgh Campaign. It aims to generate £350 million in financial support by 2011 for over thirty major projects, ensuring the University keeps its place among the world's leading centres of learning.

Projects are spread across the whole University and we have dedicated Fundraisers for each College. For information on all our current projects please see our campaign website.

Alternatively if you wish to contact us about a specific project or general fundraising advice please email us directly.


Twice a year we run a phone campaign called a telethon. Here we use current students to call alumni to ask them to give financial support to the University. These telethons are a good opportunity to find out about the alumnus and to update them on news from the University and alumni services.

Innovation Initiative Grants

Innovation Initiative Grants are funded by the generous donations of Edinburgh alumni. They are ‘one-off’ contributions to support unique activities, or to provide ‘start-up’ funds for new initiatives.

The grants of up to £5000 are intended to promote innovation in teaching, research and student provision at The University of Edinburgh, especially where relatively small sums can achieve significant effect.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • Members of staff of The University of Edinburgh
  • Matriculated students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) of The University of Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh University Students' Association and recognised EUSA Societies
  • Edinburgh University Sports Union and recognised sports clubs

For further information and how to apply please see our website.

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