Accreditations and collaborative provision

Updates on the development of guidance and the register of accreditations.

Collaborative provision is delivered, supported and/or assessed through an arrangement with a partner organisation


Information on current collaborative agreements and arrangements, and guidance for developing new collaborative provision, are available from the Governance and Strategic Planning website.

Register of accreditations

The Accreditation tools were delivered in May 2015 to enable schools to record programme, course and school accreditation information.

The University is required to provide a public record of Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) accrediting the University’s programmes. This record is displayed on the University web site, reported annually to the Scottish Funding Council and as part of the Key Information Sets return. In addition, the outcomes and recommendations of PSRB reports are considered as part of the University’s quality assurance processes. To make the process of collecting data from Schools simpler, work has been done to enhance the process. Schools are responsible for the accuracy of their data.

Register list of accredited programmes (pdf)

For information on maintaining Accreditation information in EUCLID, please visit the support page


PSRBs and the QA reporting process

Anne Marie O'Mullane

Academic Policy Officer