Academic Services


Information on the University's Quality Framework.

The University is responsible for its academic standards and the quality of the student learning experience.  It is committed to reflecting on and systematically reviewing its provision and taking action to enhance it.  The Quality Framework supports the management of academic standards and the student experience across the University’s academic provision and student services and aligns with external body requirements, including the Scottish Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF).   

Scottish Quality Enhancement Framework (QEF)

Roles and responsibilities

Information on quality assurance and enhancement roles and responsibilities.

External examining

Information on the role of Taught External Examiners, policy and handbooks for both Taught and Research External Examiners, nomination forms and the External Examiner Reporting System.

Monitoring and review

Periodic internal review processes for taught and research provision, student support services and College and School annual monitoring, review and reporting.

Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR)

Information about institutional reviews by the Quality Assurance Agency, including key documents and links to QAA reports on the outcomes.

Enhancement themes

The Enhancement Themes are selected by the Scottish higher education sector and they provide a means for institutions, academic staff, support staff and students to work together in enhancing the learning experience. The next Enhancement Theme is Evidence-Based Enhancement and the previous Theme was Student Transitions.

Student engagement

How students can get involved in the University’s quality assurance framework.

Accreditation and collaboration

information on collaborative provision with partner organisations and accreditations by professional, statutory and regulatory bodies.

Quality code

The Quality Code sets out the expectations all providers of UK higher education are required to meet.

Information on curriculum including programme and course approval.