Establishing partnerships

A key priority for our global engagement is supporting sustainable partnerships.

Benefits include:

  • creating innovative international programmes
  • developing research collaborations
  • promoting student/staff mobility
  • capacity building
  • leveraging new funding streams.

Establish a new partnership

The first step when considering a new partnership is to submit the online notification form to the International Strategy & Partnerships Office.

Global Partnerships Protocol

The Global Partnerships Protocol provides a practical route map to assist staff in the development and management of international partnerships.

All staff should read the Protocol prior to any binding discussions or negotiations with an external partner.

Developing international partnership opportunities is not risk-free and the University’s reputation must be protected.

Please note particular reference to risk evaluation and due diligence.

Download our detailed Protocol

Template documents for generic agreements

Contact us

If you need any further assistance in setting up a partnership, or have a question about our guidelines or the Global Directory, please get in touch.

Dr Dorothy Watson International Strategy & Partnerships TeamInternational Office
Tel: +44(0)131 651 4537
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