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University reveals Malawi aid

The amount of help given by Scotland to one of the world’s poorest countries has been revealed by University research.

University reveals Malawi aid

According to a University study some 1.3 million Malawians have been aided by Scotland’s involvement in the country.

The analysis shows that the value of financial aid, non-cash donations and volunteer time made by members of the Scotland Malawi Partnership is at least £30 million over the previous twelve months.

The report comes on the fifth anniversary of the Scotland Malawi Partnership, an agreement signed between Scotland and Malawi to help strengthen links between the two nations.

Scotland has had strong historic ties with Malawi since 1859, when Scottish explorer and missionary David Livingstone travelled to the country.

Malawi aid

The Scottish Government has given £13m in aid to the African nation since 2005. According to the report by researchers in the School of Social and Political Science, Scottish individuals and organisations - including schools, charities and churches - have substantially increased that figure to around £30m a year through other work to aid Malawi.

Work by groups includes Scottish Christian Aid sending volunteers to the country to set up literacy programmes and provide farming equipment to help Malawian communities grow food.

This study shows how Scots are helping to change life for the better in Malawi, building on the historical links between the two countries. The study gives us something important to think about when we consider the history and the future of Scotland’s role in international development.

Lawrence Dritsas

School of Social and Political Science

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