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Global Star Awards

The University has announced the winners of its first Global Star awards.

The awards, presented by EUSA Global and the International Office, recognise current students that contribute to the global experience on campus, in the local community, and abroad.

The awards are part of the University’s Global Horizons festival, which highlights and promotes the diversity of Edinburgh’s international students and the benefits they bring to the local community.

Global Student Star


Briana Nsanga Fitz Pegado is the winner of the Global Student Star award.

Briana, who is studying for an MA in Sustainable Development, is recognised for her determination and commitment to numerous projects and campaigns, including the University’s first Black History Month, as well as for her achievements in improving international student engagment.

Through hosting events and programs in Lee House and promoting awareness of events and activities going on around the University, the students have built a strong community.

I am proud global citizen but more importantly a proud member of the University of Edinburgh community. I am honored to have been recognized for some of my contribution to the greater work so many help fortify at this university. I hope I can continue to contribute to my university in positive ways to help foster ties between Edinburgh and the greater global community on many different levels. Thank you EUSA global.

Briana Nsanga Fitz Pegado

Global Student Star

Global Society Star

Edinburgh Global Partnerships, an entirely student-run charity that promotes and assists community-led sustainable development overseas and locally in Edinburgh, has received the Global Society Star.


Edinburgh Global Partnerships

The charity is unique as it offers students the opportunity to volunteer on international development projects in some of the poorest, most rural parts of Africa, Asia and South America.

It aims aims to support community-led initiatives by working together to help achieve their goals for development, to help students to develop new skills and a wider perspective of the world we live in.

Global Go Abroad Star

Harrison James Kelly

Harrison James Kelly

This award for Harrison James Kelly, who is studying for an MA in Social Policy and Politics, recognises his work with the Man Asian Literary Prize.

Harry spent his third year at the University of Hong Kong, where he emailed the Hong Kong Literary Festival asking how he could get involved on a voluntary basis. This led to him becoming involved in the Man Asian Literary Prize, awarded each March.

On his return to Edinburgh, Harry has worked with EUSA Global to promote the benefits of having a year abroad.

I was thrilled to find out I had won a Global Star Award following my year studying in Hong Kong. The University of Edinburgh is such an international university with a global perspective and it is great for the students to be recognised in this way.

Harrison Kelly

Global Go Abroad Star

Global Community Star

Zhong Eric Chen

Zhong Eric Chen

Zhong Eric Chen, who is studying for a PhD in Sociology, is the winner of the Global Community Star award.

Eric has reinvigorated the Sociology Scoiety, meaning that students taking sociology and related disciplines have a friendly and supportive forum in which to socialise and network with their peers and staff.

As an international student, I really appreciated having the opportunity to work in the local communities to support vulnerable young people. It had provided me with an enriching experience and helped me discover what I want to do with my life! I definitely gained the holistic education that I came to Edinburgh University for

Eric Chen

Global Community Star

Under Eric's leadership, the Sociology Society has taken on a truly multicultural feel, both through the range of cultural activities it undertakes - including international food and dance events, as well as local tours for international students - and through attracting a culturally diverse membership.

Feedback from international students in particular has indicated that having such a resource has been a key part in making the transition to coming to study at Edinburgh a positive experience.

Global Residence Life Star

This award - won by the Lee House Resident Assistant Staff - recognises the work carried out by three students, Joshua, Dénes and Katie.

Lee House

Joshua, Dénes and Katie, Lee House Resident Assistant Staff

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