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Environment & Society Academy

UNESCO Professor to speak at Global Environment and Society Academy launch.

Environment student

The University’s Global Environment and Society Academy, a hub for transdisciplinary teaching and research to address the issues arising from environmental change, is to launch on 15 June.

The academy aims to build a vibrant global community of talented people at the forefront of environmental change issues.

It joins the University’s Global Development Academy and the Global Health Academy, forming the final part of a global network of experts developing innovative solutions for the world’s most challenging problems.

Global Academies can transform our response to the world’s grand challenges

Professor Stephen Hillier

Vice Principal International

Key speaker

The launch event brings together University staff and students from across the three academies.

They will be addressed by keynote speaker Professor Chuck Hopkins, UNESCO Chair in Education for Sustainable Development at York University, Toronto.

A second launch event will be held later in 2011 introducing the academy to national and global environmental networks.

Our aspiration is to be responsive to the changing face of global environmental problems. I hope the Global Environment and Society Academy enables us to make a significant positive impact to our changing world

Professor Mark Rounsevell

Director of the Global Environment and Society Academy

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