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Students embrace global challenge

Students’ Association launches EUSA Global strategy, further engaging international students with University life.

EUSA Global

With more than a third of Edinburgh students coming from outside the UK, Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) has launched a campaign to better represent and engage with international students.

The EUSA Global internationalisation strategy presents a road map for celebrating Edinburgh’s diverse student body while honouring the traditions of the University.

Recent months have already seen an increase in international students standing in student elections to record levels, as well as many international students voting in elections.

Future goals for the project include:

  • Encouraging international students to join societies and volunteer in the local community
  • Expanding international peer-support services such as the International Buddy Project and the Peer Proofreading Network
  • Supporting more student-led cultural events
  • Facilitating more language-learning opportunities on campus
  • Diversifying EUSA’s own events programme
  • Promoting opportunities abroad for all students

Immeasurable benefits

Liz Rawlings

Liz Rawlings

EUSA President Liz Rawlings said life at Edinburgh was immeasurably enhanced by the University’s rich student body.

She said: “Internationalisation is a word commonly used in the higher education sector in university and government strategies, but it doesn’t come close to describing the immeasurable cultural and social benefits international students bring to our campuses on the ground.

“EUSA is committed to providing a world-class experience for its student body and as more international students come to study here, it is essential we represent them and continue provide the highest quality service to our changing student membership.

“EUSA Global, our internationalisation strategy, aims to provide a learning and living experience that meets the needs and expectations of all students. We hope it will create a student community that values both global citizenship and the international student experience.”

International events

International student events that have benefited from EUSA Global include:

Bhangra Dancing

The Edinburgh Bhangra Crew dancing during the Global Horizons festival

The Colours of Malaysia

A EUSA Global Fund winner, the Edinburgh Malaysian Students' Association ‘Colours of Malaysia 2011’ carnival showcased authentic Malaysian dishes, traditional games, handicrafts, souvenirs and dance.

24-Hour Foreign Language Film Competition

The Edinburgh Movie Production Society recently held a 24-hour film competition with support from the EUSA Global Fund, Tandem Language Programme, and Exchange 360.

Global Horizons

Global Horizons is a week long cultural festival at the University. It highlights and celebrates the diversity of our international student population.

Peer Proofreading Network

EUSA has launched the Peer Proofreading Network for non-native English speaking students. Powered by well-trained volunteers, this new initiative is supported by the Institute for Academic Development.

Black History Month

The University of Edinburgh celebrated Black History Month for the first time in October 2010. EUSA, the Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Network, and the African and Caribbean Society organised a series of events to mark the achievements of Blacks through history and today.

Free language classes

Language is an important part of a student’s global experience at Edinburgh. EUSA and the University have piloted free language classes for all students to supplement the Tandem Language Exchange programme and courses already on offer at the University.

Exchange 360 nominated for Society of the Year

Exchange 360, one of the largest and most successful societies at the University of Edinburgh, was nominated for the National Union of Students Scotland Society of the Year award in March. Started last September the society provides support for exchange students.

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