Paterson’s Land

Paterson’s Land, completed in 1914, currently hosts the Institute for Education, Community and Society.

Paterson's Land


The training of Scottish teachers was passed from the Churches to the Provincial Committees at the start of the 20th century.

At this time the Edinburgh committee decided to build a major new facility to accommodate rising numbers and improve training methods.

Alan K Robertson was commissioned to draw up plans for the Teaching Centre for approximately 800 students.

Building work on the 'New Training College' began in June 1911 and finished in 1914, following the completion of the north east wing.

In 1994/5 the building was renamed Paterson's Land in honour of Dr Maurice Paterson, Rector of the Moray House School from 1864 -1907.

The Edinburgh Mosaic

Paterson’s Land hosts the Edinburgh Mosaic by William J Macaulay. Spanning sixty square feet, the mosaic depicts a view of Edinburgh at the time the Act of Union was signed in 1707.

Paterson's Land
Holyrood Road Edinburgh EH8 8AQ
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