Old Moray House

Old Moray House is one of the few remaining original aristocratic houses built in the Canongate in the 17th century.

Old Moray House exterior

Today it hosts the Moray House School of Education's main academic offices.


The current Old Moray House developed over time from three different buildings grouped around a courtyard.

The earliest building was the town house of Mary, Countess of Home. Three plaster ceilings from the original house survive, suggesting that it was built between 1618 and the early 1620s.

The Regent's House to the east was likely built before 1647, and the New House was built to the south in 1755.

Architecture and interior decoration

The principal entrance to the town house was the handsome gate with its massive rounded pillars surmounted by triangular stone obelisks.

The octagonal stone stair tower on its west wall still leads to the two principal first floor rooms of the house: the Cromwell and Balcony rooms.

Both rooms retain their original vaulted plaster ceilings, decorated with fleur-de-lis and thistles, cherubs, vases of flowers, lions and griffins.

The walls of the Cromwell room feature 18th century paintings, the work of the French painter William Delacour.

Moray House Nursery School
School of Education St John Street Edinburgh EH8 8AQ
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