Moray House Nursery School

Originally designed as a Montessori school, Moray House Nursery School currently houses the School Reception and Moray House College Archive.


Designed by Frank Wood in 1932, the Nursery School operated under child-centred Montessori principles.

This approach required furniture, toilets, and even coat pegs to be designed specifically for small children.

The specially designed interior included glazed panels in sliding timber frames which could be pushed back to merge the indoors and outdoors into an 'open air' environment. A veranda led onto the school play area which included the playhouse.


The Nursery School closed in 1989 but the building was renovated and converted into the School Reception and Moray House College Archive in 1999.

It has retained many of its original features, though the veranda and canopy had to be demolished and replaced with new, similarly designed facilities.

Moray House Nursery School
Holyrood Road Edinburgh EH8 8AQ
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