James Clerk Maxwell Building

The James Clerk Maxwell Building (JCMB) is the administrative and teaching centre of the School of Physics and Astronomy and the School of Mathematics.

JCMB Learning and Teaching Cluster

The Learning and Teaching Cluster, opened in 2009, offers a variety of learning and teaching settings, centred around a large informal study and social area.

Providing a light and open space for students of the whole Kings Buildings campus, the area includes:

  • a large teaching studio
  • four study rooms
  • an open area of informal, catered study space
  • a refurbished foyer area with study pods
  • WiFi and open access PCs

About James Clerk Maxwell

The building's namesake, James Clerk Maxwell, (1831-1879) was a Scottish physicist best known for his formulation of electromagnetic theory.

An alumnus of the University, he made fundamental contributions to the fields of physics and mathematics.

His work greatly influenced later generations of physicists, including Albert Einstein, whose special theory of relativity was made possible by Maxwell’s field equations.

James Clerk Maxwell Building
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